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"Moniquing" has become a verb in our household.
- K.M., Human Resources, Watertown

Working with Monique has been extremely helpful for me. I had been overwhelmed with clutter from years of accumulation and from moving and was too overwhelmed to get motivated to do anything about it. I felt like it was a mark of failure on my part to not be able to deal with it myself, but I couldn't take the chaos anymore and made the call. Monique's cheerfulness and good sense made it relatively painless to get rid of the things I didn't want anymore and to organize what I wanted to keep. I consider hiring Monique to be money well spent and got more done in a single 3-hour session than I had in 2 years of living in my house. And best of all, I finally got that feeling of "I can do this" instead of "Where do I even begin?"
- SF, Pharmacist, Arlington

At first I was afraid to make the call. I thought for sure Monique would walk into my house and say it was a lost cause. I was happily surprised that that was not the case. She put me at ease immediately. After the first session, it was clear that it would soon be possible for me to have dinner guests at my house again.
- M.M., Civil Engineer, Somerville

Six months later, I can still find everything in my closet.
- J.S, Software Consultant, Arlington

Monique's persistence, vision, and kindness made her an inspiring and effective guide and companion on my voyage of self-discovery, in regard to what to do with all my stuff. She'll provide just as much direction and comfort as you want. Don't be afraid to tell her exactly what you need.
-J.C., Usability Lab Manager, Newton


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